blogwatch: where we were clicking this week


Lifehacker has maybe the best guide ever: the Best Times to Buy Anything, All Year Round.

Here’s a decorating hangup that Casa Sugar can help solve with 10 Ways to Decorate with your Flatscreen.

What were the best ideas in 2009? The New York Times has a roundup.

Would you eat raw meat? Some hipsters would. Meet the “Cavemen” in New York magazine.

What’s your type…face? Find out at Pentagram. (Via Monkee Design.)

Agave nectar: good or bad? At Food Renegade.

Geeky bedroom decor that won’t help you get…well, the rest of the title is slightly not safe for work.

See where artist Matte Stephens works (and drool over his style) at Herman Miller blog.

An aid package for children with a twist — the packaging itself will transform into a football. (That’s a soccer ball to Americans.)

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Thank you for the link on agave nectar. I have totally thought it was the maple syrup of Mexico and now I’ve got two bottles to get rid of. I feel like Trader Joe’s has mislead me!


Am I the only one who is having trouble getting into the Pentagram site? It requires a password, which I don’t have.

Megan B.

I feel ya on the agave, Szig. I’m still not sure about it’s health benefits myself, but I’ll still use it in my vegan baking because it’s a great honey substitute. I just try and take it easy on the sweet stuff, no matter what…

Mary T

Allison, I haven’t had any trouble getting into the Pentagram site, but it is a Flash site, which may be the problem.