five things we learned last week


1) Cake stencils aren’t easy for everyone. Pencils says: “Am I the only one who can frost a cake but is terrible at cake stencils? Is there some kind of trick to it I’m missing? I lift the thing and it’s a big smudgy mess. Do I use too much sugar?” If you have any advice for Pencils, please share it here.

2) Megan’s not the only one who wants that CB2 bedding. Kelly says: “Ahhhhhhhhhh! I have been looking at this duvet EVERY day online. I am so tempted to buy it!” While Danielle says: “This bedding is incredible, it is making me want to redecorate my bedroom….” See it here.

3) Simple black and white has fans, too. Better than naked says: “what amazing shots! The texture really comes thru. nice picks!” about Sarah L’s recent Etsy purchases. We like them, too.

4) You’re ready for a redesigned boarding pass. Ellobie says: “Tyler’s making a very valid point! Even if airlines used a grayscale theme to save on printing costs, this boarding pass seems much better all around!” See Tyler Thompson’s boarding pass redesign.

5) Broccoli romanesco wows you, too. Perhaps Ellobie says it best: “Whoa!” Angela M. also weighs in: “OMG. that would be an amazing centerpiece!” Broccoli romanesco tastes good, too. (If you want more cooking ideas, also check out what Megan and HollowSquirrel say in comments.)

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Now that’s one heck of a boarding pass :)

Thanks for posting the boarding pass magic!!