silicone tagine: cool looking, easy cooking, just $20


We love following folks on Twitter because we hear about so many things we might otherwise have missed. (Yes, Shelterrific is on Twitter!) For example, this Silicone Tagine that tweeted about yesterday. We clicked out of curiosity to learn: “A ceramic Tagine can cost well over $100. And while we all LOVE our Le Creuset here at Delight, we can’t always afford to get the peripheral fun stuff. Dutch Oven? A necessity. $100 Tagine? Not so much. Ergo, a $20 Tagine made by the French geniuses at Mastrad is, well, A Smart Buy.” Agreed! And actually, it’s on sale for just $18.80 until January 27. Check it out here.

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Very nice! I bet it is easier to store too ;-)