you could say they’re a little obsessed: theme houses and replica rooms


There are people who love a good theme room, and then there are people who really love a good theme room. For whatever reason, sometimes obsession sets in, and quite suddenly you’re knee-deep in a replica room. Take Anthony Toth, for example, who spent 20 years and $50,000 turning his garage into a 1970’s styled Pan-Am first class cabin. Gary Reighn turned his living room into the Star Trek Enterprise’s deck while Darren Mortensen’s home theater is a replica of Cyberdyne’s evil headquarters. In Taiwan, there’s a whole resort devoted to Hello Kitty! I, for one, love it. The world would be a pretty boring place if we all had tasteful Pottery Barn-style room, wouldn’t it? Any replica rooms caught your attention lately? — Katie D.

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I am both intrigued and a little frightened…


I am currently trying to talk my fiance into spending our honeymoon at the Hello Kitty resort. Threatening him with the YouTube video of the Hello Kitty wedding is working wonders…

T Bone

I agree, I’ve always dreamed of having a room dedicated to Jurassic Park- a place to escape the daily the grind and play with dinosaur toys.

You could maybe fly to the Hello Kitty resort on the Hello Kitty plane…