blogwatch: where we were clicking this week

We love Dwell magazine, but we did have to laugh at this new site that ponders why their photographic subjects all seem to be Unhappy Hipsters.

We just noticed Friendly Cottage, and so far we like what we see — this headboard, for instance.

What to do with fireplaces that don’t work — like paint the firewood pink! — at AT.

An update on the FDA’s ruling on BPA in plastics, which followed mounting public pressure.

A beautiful loft at Design is Mine.

So much great stuff at swissmiss, but start this week with the Banana Holder Vicky.

We love, love, love before and after photos, and this dining room at Casa Sugar is stunning and we’re jealous. (Deep breaths.)

A delicious caramel concoction at angry chicken.

Beautiful porcelain and glass vessels at beachbungalow8.

Inside the Spanx offices (Did anyone else watch Veronica’s Closet when it was on? Reminds us of their offices!) at Brilliant Asylum. We would work there.

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HA! unhappyhipsters is the best!


thanks for the link to Friendly Cottage, very flattered! have linked you back! cheers, sharon x