strangely appealing: porthole bathtub

portholeRemember when you were a kid and bath time was an adventure? When I was little, I used to submerge myself in water and swirl my hair all around pretending I was a mermaid trapped in a bed of seaweed. The grownup half of me now sees bathing as a routine necessity, but the kid in me desperately wants this porthole bath from Water Monopoly to splash around in. Everything about this bathtub makes me smile: the serene color, the adorable portholes, and the witty statement it makes. It’s like a punch line for your bathroom! — Katie D.

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I used to do the same thing. I would pretend I was a being that could live underwater. I used to do it in the swimming pool, too, practicing holding my breath as long as possible. This tub is wonderful!

T Bone

I’d love one of those, but my penchant for burritos have made bath tubs not that confortable to sit in

Mary T

I love this thing! I would pretend I was Chris Elliott from Get a Life in his homemade submarine.

Megan B.

Seriously. This is right up my nautical lovin’ alley! May have to be a part of our bathroom re-do!

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[…] or simply make the bathtub a conversation piece, we recommend this tub from The Water Monopoly (via Shelterrific). It’s light, fun and happy, perfect for bathing during the gray winter […]

My daughter would ADORE this… I can’t get her out of the bath as it is…

Hmmmm …?????

I dont think the design above really works that well i think there is a reason why we dont see many baths like this !
a bit cruel of me to say but its given this classic bath the “Baby look” it would be ok for a kiddies bathroom for a bit of fun i just cant personnally take it serious.
Maybe a bit of fun is what some people want and if thats the case the for them its a good choice.