a dresser fit for the nerd king

My husband and I were engaging in smalltalk at a party recently, taking turns listing what we do for a living. My husband was asked what exactly he meant when he said he’s currently studying for his actuarial exam. He deadpanned, “It’s sort of like King of the Nerds.” I laughed so hard I nearly choked on my bruschetta. A Pi Dresser by Etsy seller OhClementine would be perfect for the King of the Nerds in your life. The one I spotted sold (there are obviously many nerds of nobility out there) but designer Nicole Haladyna says:

“I could most definitely create another with the same Pi design and would be thrilled to do so for anyone interested. However, the dresser itself would not necessarily be identical, as each furniture piece is salvaged.”

Imagine the possibilities of a dresser branded with the numerical value of pi (not that nerds need a reminder) with plenty of room for calculators, slide rulers, and sweater vests. I hope OhClementine does a whole series of furniture — I’d love a lamp shade painted with the Pythagorean theorem or a coffee table decorated with the quadratic equation. If you do go the custom dresser route, Haladyna says that the price would be in the $250-$350 range plus shipping, depending on the size of the dresser and your location. As of March, she will be located in Brooklyn, where you may be able to pick up for free. — Katie D.

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too bad i couldnt smuggle that into my high school math class. things would have gone by a lot differently

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