recycling glass bottles beyond the bin


Confession time: I love glasses bottles as candleholders. It may be clichéd, but a green glass bottle covered with dripping wax always puts me in a romantic mood. Not only are they beautiful, they’re also simple way to recycle glass bottles. Design Sponge takes the idea a step further with a tutorial on how to make a more refined version. Etsy sellers YAVAglass and Nick Paul both rework old bottles into funky jewelry, coasters, and barware. Lifehacker has instructions on how to make cheap and stylish torches out of old wine bottles. I’d love to hear your ideas! — Katie D.

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I made these a while back (not my idea, just copied from original link). They are pretty awesome, and work nicely.

T Bone

Thats a pretty cool idea- does it also double as a molotov cocktail?


T Bone, only when the kid’s basketball hits it.