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Television gets a bad rap. With the medium flooded with reality shows and pseudo-celebrities, it’s too easy to upturn your nose at it and moan about the “idiot box” ruining modern culture. Let’s not forget that cinema and literature aren’t the only mediums that can change our lives in noble and profound ways. Modern television has brought us series that surpass even the most Oscar-worthy films (“The Shield,” “Arrested Development”, and “Firefly,” to name a few personal favorites). Austrian artist Albery Exergian understands that TV isn’t always a lowbrow hobby, so he gave his all-time favorite American television shows a high art makeover in minimalist posters for £50 each (about $78). I would be proud to have the whole series in my living room, alongside my Tivo. — Katie D.

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as someone who is obsessed with tv, i think these are fantastic. thanks for writing about them – now i just have to decide which one to buy!

Oh my word, I love these. I want 30 rock and mad men. They would look nice next to each other.


Lovely. It took me a full 24-hours to figure out the Charlie’s Angels poster. The speaker!

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