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Super cute ideas! But I have to be honest – there’s no way I would trust cardboard to hold the weight of a baby for many uses. The crib and high chair are adorable but I wouldn’t feel safe using them.


That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. And how do you clean it when little precious barfs or the diaper explodes anywhere near it? $300 for a carboard box on wheels!


We did the greenest thing possible and reused! We have a crib that has been used by at least 4 other kids (and miraculously still hasn’t been recalled). The dresser is her room was at one point her great grandmother’s (who passed about 35 years ago). The only thing we bought was a changing table topper that goes on top of the dresser. It was on clearance for $50. I’ve never understood why we “need” all this baby stuff when you’ll only use it for 2 years (we’re only having one kid :)).


Whoever designed this cardboard cot never met a 16-month-old who chewed on the edges of his crib, kicked like the dickens when he was mad and was hellbent on escape at all times without regard to life or limb.

Miss B

Can someone say cardboard cut? They are so much worse than paper cuts. I can see those poor babies now getting cut on the edges. That’ll just be another recall.

Since finding out that there is BPA in most recycled paper products….nope.

Mary T

Wow, I didn’t know any of this stuff! Very interesting!


cardboard makes great kindling

Perhaps this was intended for a fake baby?


someone failed to appreciate the logistics of this idea. one barf or leaky diaper and the whole thing would have to be thrown out (not sure you can even recycle barfed-on cardboard!)