help! how do i remove hard water stains from a toilet?


Here’s a new one for us. Luke writes:

“I have tried everything but nothing worked. How do you remove those hard water stains inside your toilet?”

We’re not exactly sure what constitutes “everything,’ but a little online sleuthing did lead us to some forums and articles on removing those stains. Here’s a video that recommends draining the water from the toilet, then pouring in two two-liter bottles of cola and letting it sit for four hours to break down the stain, though a couple commenters say it didn’t work for them. There are also a lot of other videos that pop up at that link. Several sources, like this how-to guide at Reader’s Digest, suggest using The Works. Commenters at this Thrifty Fun forum suggest everything from spraying the bowl with Listerine to using an S.O.S. soap pad.

I confess this isn’t a problem I’ve had to deal with myself, so I don’t have personal experience to share. Readers, any tips for Luke? — Mary T.

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