the functional gets creative with vanity barcodes


I’ve seen design inspired by barcodes, but this is the first time I’ve seen actual barcodes as design. Vanity Barcodes took something mundane and gave it new life — they create designs that incorporate package barcodes and actually scan. I would be thrilled to find one on a product, and if I had goods to sell, I would definitely consider them. It’s the attention to detail that is lost on so many today, which is why Vanity Barcodes make me so happy. — Erica P.

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its disappointing that the bar codes are not real… it woudl be cooler if they were for real products when scanned

I love the garden, the raincloud, and the bookshelf. A very cool idea!


Chad, I’ve seen these and I’m pretty sure they are for real products. Companies can order them to put on their merchandise.

I love these, what a fantastic idea! Form following function :)

Mary T

Reading comprehension, Chad — Or is it my editing? — as it says above, they’re real and they scan.