new from lego: buildable board games


When I was a kid, the snap-on hairpiece was the hottest commodity in our LEGO tub. My sister, brother, and I would fight over the premium parts (wheels, windows, flower pots) but I always went for the hairpiece, hands down.

Much development has been afoot since then. Today, a mere 811 pieces stand between this old-school builder and her very own replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and LEGO kits encompass everything from Atlantis to Star Wars. And now they’re conquering new territory in my favorite dimension: board games, which we previewed at the recent International Toy Fair. On March 1, LEGO will launch the first five of 10 games with buildable boards (even dice) and changeable rules so no game is ever the same.


Each product has a different theme and plot behind the play. In Minotaurus, mythology buffs attempt to get heroes to the temple at the center of the labyrinth while avoiding the Minotaur and moving walls to keep other heroes at bay.


Pictionary lovers might enjoy Creationary, which challenges players to build items in four different categories while teammates try to guess the object.

And Harry Potter fans will also be pleased to race around the changing landscape of Hogwarts, collecting homework before their fellow wizards in a game that launches with the second wave, available August 1.

Visit LEGO to learn more about the first five games! Hairpiece not included. — Sarah C.

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I love this idea as my kids are right in the thick of building with Lego’s and board games! I wonder how hard it will be to explain to the kids not to mix the pieces with their other Lego’s though. Looks like a new challenge will be coming my way! The creationary game looks fun.

These are super cool! Both my 3 yo and 6 yo LOVE Legos, and these games could be a perfect fusion. Fabulous!

T Bone

how awesome are legos? seriously, they never cease to amaze

Katie D

I fought over the flower pots too! <3

Thanks for the post and for all your awesome comments!

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