strangely appealing: t-post “wearable magazines”


Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for big, beautiful books for my coffee table. Before I can commit, I need to get rid of the stacks of magazines (my guilty pleasure) that are currently hanging out on there en masse. The problem could be solved while saving paper if I switched to T-post, a Sweden-based “world’s first wearable magazine.” Every five weeks, subscribers receive a new T-shirt in the mail with a story printed on the inside and an artist’s interpretation of it displayed on the front. What’s more, graphics can be interactive — the latest “issue” includes a game of rock-paper-scissors that you can play via the T-Post site. Featured news articles tend to be offbeat and thought-provoking to boot, and the graphic T itself is both a fashion piece and conversation starter. At $36 US per issue including shipping, the cost far exceeds that of a traditional magazine, but would clear up some room on the table. Visit T-post to learn more. — Sarah C.

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