a blueprint for building the perfect dog (art)


The Animal Blueprint Company has a passion for design, architecture, and animals. The natural outcome of that is these great “blueprints” of a variety of dog breeds. Dachshunds, labs, bull mastiffs, goldens — now you can display the perfect blueprint of your favorite canine pal. Prints are $95 matted and $145 matted and framed — not bad at all. New breeds will continue to be added, but if your dog is perhaps of slightly less standard lineage, the company is happy to make a custom blueprint of your pal. It will cost a bit more at $475 each, but for a one-of-a-kind, custom-made piece featuring your dog, that really doesn’t strike me as outrageous at all. See all the animal blueprints here. — Mary T.

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Those are CUTE!!! Although, I’m not familiar with the “Labador” retriever — he might want to pick a different print for his main page! :) I’ll keep this in mind for future gifts — it’s a really cute idea, and the sketches are beautiful.

Mary T

Oh my gosh!! You have MUCH sharper eyes than mine — at least while writing this up last night! : ) I’ll let them know.

Thank you for featuring our product and we are happy you all enjoy the renderings. We’ve updated our website and of course we’ve fixed that spelling oversight for the Labrador Retriever!! Thanks again.

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I was looking for a Rottweiler. Is that considered custom?