a camera so simple, your dog could use it

We love our pets at Shelterrific, and often wonder what the world looks like from their point of view. Thanks to the Pet’s Eye View Camera from Fred Flare, $50, now anyone can get a sneak peak into Fido’s world. The water-resistant, lightweight camera clips onto your furry anipal’s collar. A timer can be set to snap a photo every one, five, or 15 minutes. The internal memory can hold over 40 pictures for you to gush over (and for Fluffy to use to update her Facebook page). There’s already one animal ahead of the proverbial pack. Our furry friend Cooper, a four-year-old American Shorthair cat who lives in Seattle, has been photographing his day-to-day adventures for more than a year now — he’s even had his work exhibited! My favorites are the portraits the portraits that he’s snapped of his human family — especially his new baby brother. — Katie D.

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T Bone

I think i’d be jelous watching what my dog was doing all day. “I’m at work and you’re sleeping again!? Time for him to pull his weight around here.”


Cooper’s were great.
My 13-yr old cat’s would likely look like 12 hours of the inside of her cat bed.

The dog… now, I think it would make me anxious, “No! not the new down-filled tapestry throw! get back!”

I was just about to order one of these for my cat Charlotte to wear, but she said she’ll rip it right off because “it would be an invasion of my privacy.” I wonder what she is doing that she doesn’t want me to see…