post off: do you wear an apron?


Walking into Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, or even Anthropologie, you’d think that an adorable apron is just as essential to making a good meal as an understanding of baking soda verses baking powder. They’re always displayed in fancy baking stores alongside the cash rack (primed and ready for impulse buys), as bright and cheery as a Doris Day movie. I, for one, love the bright pink apron that I wear on busy baking days, but can’t recall ever seeing anyone else (outside the movies) wearing an apron while they bustle around the kitchen. So how about it, readers? Is everyone wearing a cute apron while cooking or entertaining, or am I just watching too much Mad Men? — Katie D.

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T Bone

i value the safety of my sleeves and for them the apron does nothing. what would i ever do if my last jurassic park shirt got ruined?


Yup, I wear an apron when cooking. Especially bread or anything wet-mixed. Not if I’m just microwaving some veggies and frying a few chicken breasts for dinner, but for big baking days, or stirfrying I wear an apron.

Now, I picked up the habit while living in Japan and can tell you that I have one of their plain aprons with big pockets on the front and what looks like a kind of a harness or overalls on the back (couple of straps with buttons that will take the apron in/up etc. for your size). It’s ugly and gets washed every few months – plain black. but yes, I wear it. I’m a mess when eating and in general and it has helped me protect my clothes from hot oil stains etc.

I love aprons! I think I own at least 10-15 different ones…is this too many? I hope not.

Megan b.

I wear one most of the time at work, but never seem to remember at home, though I have some super-cute aprons. Maybe I need to start remembering- it would keep my clothes cleaner when I’m whirling around the kitchen like a Tasmanian devil.


I definitely wear an apron when making bacon and chicken cutlets.

I also wear one right before a party starts and as the guests arrive. Even though the food is all prepped, I still have to pull it out of the oven and fridge and reposition that crock pot of Nancy’s meatballs! God forbid I spill something on my outfit!

And of course, I wear an apron when Clyde gets a bath. :)

Two things that an apron MUST have are an adjusting neck strap (you’d be amazed at how many are not adjustable!) and at least one pocket.

Ooooh and have you seen the aprons available on etsy? GORGEOUS!

I always intend to before I start cooking… especially if I’ve planned to bake something with flour… but for whatever reason, it never makes it out of its drawer and I end up wearing most of the flour! I even have about 3 different ones that are fun and colorful.
You’ve inspired me to bring them out and get em dirty!

I ALWAYS wear an apron in the kitchen (unfortunately not a cute one, a very utilitarian one) because I always make a mess and have a tendency to splatter things…

I always rock an apron when I am cooking & pretty often when I do heavy cleaning around the house.

My favorite is a hand me down blue floral apron with tiny lace on the pockets that my Mom made for herself way back in the day. Since we are both really short this is the only apron that REALLY fits me & I LOVE wearing it!

For me, cooking/baking/working in the kitchen (or elsewhere) without an apron is like mowing the lawn naked.

I have at least two aprons for each day of the week, mostly the standard white butcher styles (long ties, huge pockets) for actual work and if its a special occasion or I am in front of a crowd of some type on goes a “prettier” one. I usually also have a small ‘tea towel’ slipped through the ties. One use and it is in the wash.

I also use aprons for other work around the house and when I paint. Hunky Hubby uses one while he works around the house/garage/cars as well. (he has 3, more sturdy ones made of denim).

Aprons add to the fun of cooking, just like attractive pots and baking dishes. Plus, like Letitia, I always like to use them when anticipating guests.


My apron wearing habit was instilled in me by both of my parents. My mother-in-law gave me one for Christmas because “I’m the only person she knows who wears an apron.”

What I don’t get are the cute half aprons that tie at the waist. When I’m cooking and making a mess, most of it is up high. While those half aprons are cute, they don’t make a lot of sense to me.


Usually when I’m working in the kitchen I wear an apron I purchased for 5 euros when I was in Italy last year. It has the body of Botticelli’s Venus on it, one of my favourite paintings from history and a rather humorous apron. I got my husband one with the body of Michelangelo’s David, but sadly he doesn’t cook very often :D

When I am refinishing furniture or working with concrete or plaster or just doing any sort of project where I am standing most of the time, I wear a half apron with pockets, more to hold tools and whatnot than to keep me clean.

Yup, I wear an apron when I’m cooking something messy (such as dealing with large amounts of flour), and when I just want to feel more domestic. I have a plain white apron, and one that’s yellow with wine bottle and grapes that I adore. You can see it in the background of the last picture here:

I agree with Sharon – what do the half aprons protect?


I really want an apron. I keep putting aprons (especially those super cute Anthropolgie ones) on my wish lists because I feel so frivolous buying one for myself. But no one has taken the bait.

I think it would be so nice too because I always end up with SOMETHING on my shirt when cooking, especially baking.


Yes! I wear an apron when baking or doing anything more than putting a potato in the oven or a frozen dinner in the microwave (which is to say not often lately…). I have a very cute one that was hand made for me with my name on the front. It’s navy blue with little itty bitty stars and a heart pocket on the side – AND it has the essential (as Letitia noted) adjustable neck straps. I also always, apron or not, have a dish towel over my shoulder when cooking. Who knows when you’re going to have to mop up some spilled milk or wipe your face before someone notices you tasted the fudge…

About 3% of the time I’ll put one on–if I’m doing something splattery and I have on a nice sweater or something. Or if I’m dressed up for a party and am finishing off a few things and want to be extra careful. My husband is a total neat-freak and not a very experienced cook, so when he cooks he always puts on an apron.

BTW, forgot to say that my mom, an AMAZING cook, wear restaurant style white aprons folded over at the waist. I think she uses them almost as kitchen towels while she cooks, and she likes white because she can bleach it clean. Somehow she never gets anything on her upper half but the apron always gets messy!

I wear an apron when I bake (a boring green one from Williams Sonoma) and my husband always teases me that I look like I am a barista at Starbucks. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade!


I try to remember to put on an apron, and invariably get a stain on a favorite shirt when I don’t. I got my husband a chef’s shirt to protect his sleeves since he does most of the cooking. If you’re just reheating stuff in the microwave an apron or chef’s jacket is probably unnecessary, but if you do real cooking it can save your clothes.

I wear an apron when I cook- I have a bad habit of wiping my hands on my pants otherwise! However, I usually don’t remember until I have either already done so, or am just about to!

Aprons are absolutely essential if you value your clothing at all. Or maybe if you’re just a messy cook like me. Here’s I am in one of my favs:


I’m an extremely messy cook, so I always wear one. My mom made it for me years ago when I got my first apartment – yellow buffalo checks with extra long ties so I can tie it in front! Still love it!

I have three aprons now and wear them most of my cook-nights; my favorite standby is a lovely golden with black kalamata olives and green olive leaves…it has the pocket, adjustable neck and covers me chest to knees.

I also have two waist (skirt?) aprons; a vintage primary colored red, blue, green and yellow round-petalled flower apron with a red ruffle at the bottom! Love it! And I was recently gifted a beautiful, delicate white linen apron with a hand-made lacey crocheted trim, also vintage. I’m told by the giver it’s sexy (!)…not sure where I should wear it- the kitchen or the bedroom?


I got an adorable yellow ruffly apron from anthropologie for a birthday gift and i didn’t use it for the longest time because it was TOO cute. i finally put it on though and I love it! I feel very festive cooking or doing dishes, especially if I have company over. definitely thumbs up on the apron wearing!


I’m apron obsessed and would really love it if wearing a cute apron over regular clothing became fashionable to wear outside the house.


I wear an apron for cooking or baking anything messy, especially if it involves flour or a staining ingredient (yellow curry sauce, beets, food colouring, oil splatters).

True I don’t find half-aprons as useful. I have a super cute one though!!! I sometimes wear it when washing dishes – it is just high enough to protect my lower shirt & pants if I lean too close to a wet counter while washing dishes.

Love the ruffles on the apron above! I bet those would be simple to add yourself.

I wear an apron because I’m such a mess. I always end up with oil stains on my shirts, and I can never figure out why. So I always wear one. I just recently bought a couple of cute ones… I tried to get some of the adorable ones at Anthropologie, but they were all sold out! I ended up with a few cute ones from Sur La Table.

I love aprons!, I actually started wearing aprons in the kitchen years ago when I found a stash of adorable vintage ones at a yard sale. They have now become a necessity. I use utilitarian ones when a messing job is going on in the kitchen craft room. But anytime Im having a party or a dinner, I plan my outfit around one of the smart, doris day vintage aprons in my stash! It’s become a tradition that I’m known for.

Perri Collins

Sure, I wearing cute little aprons when I’m playing hostess. I love the whole vintage feel.


@ allison, I totally agree. You could def wear it, I know there are people out there already doing it. Take a cue from She’s All That and just do it!