liberty of london for target + transferware


I love the idea of pairing a few old transferware serving pieces and plates with Target’s new Liberty of London Dining collection. Not only would the mix of materials and patterns be fun, it would also be a great way to stretch your dollars. Ruby Lane,, and eBay have plenty of listings for great antique transferware in pinks, blacks, and pastels. The problem is actually finding the Liberty of London collection in stores! To date, I’ve made two trips but the Target closest to me only has bedding and apparel in stock — some, like this dinner plate, are only available online. Having better luck? If so, what do you plan on doing with your new plates and bowls? Do they live up to the hype? — Sarah L.

Liberty of London is selling out of Target stores fast, but lucky for you, we’re giving away a whole set of goodies to Shelterrific Facebook fans! Click for the details!

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Not into it, but that’s because they are made of melamine which has chemicals in it that aren’t safe. *sigh* They are definitely cute though.

Haha, at last count, I’d made FIVE trips! This would look nice, though, I agree.

Love your idea! I like mixing old and new as well. The aesthetic plate you’ve got pictured, top left, is stunning and looks pretty with these pieces from Tar-zhay (Target). I didn’t know that they were melamine and that it is unsafe (reader comment above). Looks good though.


I was at Target at 8am Sunday morning waiting for them to unpack those very pink plates. Snatched up two of them, a big tray in the Sixty print, the two-tier snackie stand and four of the pink bowls. They’ll all be so cute filled with treats at our pink & orange wedding! Our Target guy said they’d be restocking the items every couple of days – keep trying!


I went to my local store and found a couple of items, but it was quite picked over. I tried on a couple of the dresses and they are cut for small breasted women, even the XLs and size 14/16s. That was a bit disappointing. I’d love to find that dark pink serving tray, though.


I ordered lots of plates and bowls online Sunday and then went to my store Monday. They had everything that had been sold out online at mind – the canisters, mugs, piggy banks, etc. I’m in love with everything I have, especially the Maynard and Sixty canisters.


Also, my store still has plates in the store in every pattern!

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i wanted the teapot and the website sold out of it the very day it came out (i had set google calendar to email me the very day it was set to debut!). i couldn’t get to the store for a couple of days, and by then every store in the entire bay area was sold out. i called my mom back in buffalo because a local store supposedly still had one in stock; by the time she got there later that day it was gone. my brother drove an hour + to rochester to get me that teapot. i can’t wait to see it, but judging by the quality of the other porcelain pieces, it’s going to be worth it.

i also bought the large and medium sized canisters, a blouse, and a storage bin. love them all!


oh, i forgot to add that the target salespersons that i talked to seemed to think that there would not be any more shipments. just a one time promotional deal.