strangely appealing: prickly chair

This is the kind of piece that you want to devote a whole room to (or a whole wing if you can afford it!). Gorgeous and startling, the cactus inspired chair was designed by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers . According to the designer, the chair was “born out of the creative experience of a Mexican designer in Europe” and marries Mexican and European design values with a wink and smile. I think I’m in love! I can’t stop looking at it. If I were a tween, magazine tear-outs of the prickly chair would be lining the inside of my locker. — Katie D.

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Sarah C.

I love this – it reminds me of something from Dr. Seuss, which I love!

T Bone

doesnt look to comfy, does it?

That is the strangest chair I’ve ever seen…. and yet (as you say) appealing! It almost reminds me of a moose head!

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