interlocking deck furniture is fun for the sun

Do I need my patio furniture to interlock into one tidy, design-y structure? No — but it sure is fun. The goofily named Art-Deck-Oh! Interlocking Furniture comes from Deeco. It looks like wicker but is made from polyethylene-based resin designed to stand up to sun, rain, and cold. (The site says it’s environmentally friendly — I’m checking into what that means exactly, but I believe it means it’s low on BPAs and also recyclable.) Honestly, it’s pretty darn cool looking — stacked or in use. You can learn more about it at the Deeco site, or shop online at just a few retailers so far. The groupings range from about $800-1500. — Mary T.

Stay tuned for more modern patio furniture — this time made from recycled materials — coming up.

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LOVE this idea. There’s nothing sadder than looking at patio furniture blanketed in thick snow. But a snow-covered patio sculpture? That’s a different story entirely.

Wonder how the stacked furniture holds up to wind, though? We get major wind gusts here, and I’d want to know my stack was going to stay upright. Also, I’d love to see these pieces set up in a backyard, next to a house — just to see if they look as awesome without the beautiful ocean background.

Mary T

Yeah, I wondered that too! The tall vase is my favorite, but that one looks most likely to topple over (perhaps the manufacturer will weigh in). It gets mighty windy where we live, too.


I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this furniture!!!! This is the perfect thing for me because I have a small deck. If I have to get the furniture out of the way, what a perfect way to do it!! Art-Deck-Oh! The name doesn’t seem goofy to me. That name is really cute… it looks like Art, I need it for my deck and it’s Oh so great!
I don’t however understand this website’s name… shelterrific???? I don’t get it. But you’ve found me some awsome furniture. Thanks for that!

Mary T

Erica, do you work for Art-Deck-Oh? ; ) KIDDING, I swear.

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I’m very excited to see our furniture up on this fun and informative website. Thank you Mary T.
I am the owner of Deeco Consumer Products and Art-Deck-Oh!® is our new line of interlocking furniture. It’s great to see the positive feedback.
Our Art-Deck-Oh!® furniture is made from eco-friendly polyethylene, and is strong, lightweight and will tolerate various temperatures, and will have a much longer life than traditional wicker furniture. Polyethylene (PE) is the resin of choice for durable environmentally friendly and recyclable outdoor furniture Polyethylene’s ‘eco-friendly’ properties arise from during its production. It is a waste bi-product from the oil industry and no toxins are emitted during this production process. It is also fully recyclable.
In regards to the wind concern, the Geo-Vase has 2 ways to stack it up. If you are afraid of the wind then you can stack it up with the table hidden inside the chairs so that it’s not as tall as shown in the photo. The best set I would suggest for windy areas is the Geo-Globe. It’s a much more compact unit. We will have some updated photos on our website in the next few weeks in different settings so please check back.
Erica I think I may have to steal your tag line for our furniture! Don’t be surprised if you see your wording up on my site!

What I love about these furniture is that their multipurpose: a furniture and a keeper at the same time. You want to keep it, just fold it. It’s magic!