bonus friday recipe from a reader: pizza cake!



We love when readers send us cool stuff out of the blue! Abby Stavig got in touch with us this week to share the fab cake she made for her daughter’s birthday. Abby says:

My daughter recently turned two and we had her birthday at Chuck E Cheese so I thought a pizza cake would fit the theme nicely! I had decided I was going to try to make her cake myself this year as a challenge, so I set out to find inspiration. Your site and many others all had great examples of DIY cakes, and I wanted to share my success with you.

I purchased a 16″ round cake pan from Michael’s Crafts and asked my local pizza joint to donate a box and they were happy to oblige. It was SUPER easy to make, and I think it turned out great! Hope you enjoy taking a look!

Abby, we did! Happy birthday to your little one and congrats on a great-looking cake. Readers, you can get Abby’s how-to after the jump, and see more photos right here. Happy Friday!

Abby’s Pizza Cake
2 Boxes of Yellow Cake Mix
2 1/2 cans of buttercream frosting
Red gel color for icing to make the “sauce”
Yellow and Bbue (mixed with Red) food coloring for the “crust” color
White chocolate candy melts in white and yellow
Pre-colored fondant (for “olives” and “pepperoni”)

I baked the cake and leveled it off. Once I had a flat surface, I smoothed on the “crust” icing. (If I do it again, I would pipe a thick edge all the way around to give it more of a “lip,” but it worked out okay.) Once that was smooth, I filled in the middle with the “sauce” icing. I then grated the white chocolate melts together to create a “cheese” and sprinkled it all over the “sauce”. I added my pepperoni (which I made with a fondant cutout) and olives (also using a cutout) and sprinkled a little more cheese on top as a finishing touch.

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Katie D

Amazing! Thanks for sharing, Abby!

I love the attention to detail- the pizza box is genius :)

Abby, you are such a cool mom! What a great cake! Your daughter and her friends must have loved it.

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This recipe looks amazing. Do you know of anyway to turn it into a low-fat recipe?