post off: what’s your favorite chair?


Before we moved cross-country, we referred to our house as the Chair Museum. In addition to the three vintage Herman Miller clamshell chairs and two orange Verner Panton chairs we still have, we had eight vintage chrome and vinyl kitchen chairs, four upholstered, mid-century modern armchairs, three vintage office chairs on wheels, a vintage Shaker-style early reclining chair, and a beat-up knockoff of an Eames lounger. We sold plenty when we moved, and now our house is smaller, so we’re a lot pickier these days. But if I was forced (cough) to invest in more chairs, I would go for longevity and classic style, like an authentic Eames Lounge & Ottoman. Perhaps in ivory. If you could buy any cool chair, what would it be? — Mary T.

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this would make an awesome poll with pictures.
You would have to separate armchairs and dining chairs though. ooh.. there must have been a march madness chair bracket somewhere!

Favorite chair I own must be my Louis Ghosts, way more comfortable than the Pantons and they seem to be universally applicable, I have moved them from the knock-off tulip table to my mirrored baroque vanity to my federalist dining room, and they work everywhere.

Eames wins for armchair, though I have never even sat in a womb which I would like to do before making the call. :)

My dad has an Eames and I love it, but the fact that it is covered in leather bothers me. Still, I hope he leave it to me in his will.

Marissa, I know what you mean. If it’s a vintage chair, though, you can console yourself that the cow would have died of old age by then!

Ellie, come to think of it, I haven’t sat in a womb chair, either! They sure look cool though but man, they’re pricey. They make the Eames seem downright affordable. You really think the Louis Ghost is more comfortable than the Panton? I think the Pantons are surprisingly comfy but maybe it’s just my body type!

I didn’t want to go on too long but we recently got a vintage Wassily chair (it may be a knockoff, I really can’t figure it out) at a resale place and it’s surprisingly comfortable. I also bought a resin “Calla Lily” chair at a DWR sale years ago that I use as an extra dining chair or in my office. LOVE it — it looks so cool and is super comfy. But it seems it was discontinued as I could never find one again. I don’t remember the maker offhand; I’d have to go look at the chair and I’m not home right now.

OK, had it slightly wrong: it’s the Calla chair:


that Calla reminds me of an airport, very cool.

I do think the Louis Ghost is more comfortable. I know I can stand a card game marathon in the Ghost no problem, but more than 20 minutes in the panton and I’m slouched to the floor. I think it has something to do with how low the seat is on the Panton, it doesn’t seem to fit any of my tables properly either.


I would definitely, DEFINITELY go for a Barcelona chair in either black or white leather. And 1 Louis Ghost Armchair (to match my current one) and 4 Victoria Ghost Sidechairs to go around my dining table. And a Pantone in a super fun color, like kelly green, for my office.


And by Pantone, I meant the Pantone S Chair. Oops!

My new favorite 8 chairs are the Juliane chairs by Johannes Andersen from Vamo Sonderborg I just picked up at the Thrift Store. Major score!! I don’t know if they are very comfortable, but I am loving the deal I got! I know I sound all braggy and stuff, but this is my first real “find” and I need to share. Thanks!

I have my favorite chair! It’s an original 1953 Eames Herman Miller lounger with footstool in black leather and rosewood (exactly like the picture above. It’s in perfect museum quality condition and I got it for a song :) My other favorite chairs are my Broyhill Brasilia dining room chairs.

One of my goals in life is to sit in a Maloof Rocker at least once. Owning it would be a whole different luxury! It is such a graceful piece of furniture, that seems like it would be super comfortable allowing you to rock for hours with such smooth beautiful wood.


I’d get a Mackintosh chair. Which one I’m not absolutely sure, I love most of his styles. An Argyle chair, or a Hill House chair. Of course it would have to be an authentic one–not that I could even afford the insurance for such a chair, but, hey, a girl can dream, right?

Sarah L.

Depends on what your definition of cool is : ) I have tons of magazine pages saved simply because they have beautiful, long Windsor benches in the entry hall. I don’t have a big entry way, but if I did, that’s where my money would go!


I have a Phantom “seating object” by Vernor Panton.
Aside from that, I love Panton’s wire cone chair – it appeals to the mathematician in me.


I would love to have an Eames rocker in blue…*sigh*….someday!

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