blogwatch: where we were clicking this week

CB2 has a nifty tutorial on how to recreate the vertical succulent garden seen in their new catalog.

These banana, chocolate, and peanut cookies at Pumpkin and Pomegranate look absolutely delicious — but just happen to be vegan and gluten-free!

ModFruGal talks about getting bats in her belfry — literally. Come to find out, bats can really help control mosquito problems. Plus, the guano apparently makes great fertilizer!

Over at LifeHacker, we were pleased to learn that our instinctual preference for darkly roasted coffees is actually better for our stomachs, too. (They also contain less caffeine, which we’re not sure is a good thing.)

We are seriously digging these two-tone walls as a more relaxed alternative to chair rails in a dining room. At Apartment Therapy.

CasaSugar shows us how to extend the life of your cut daffodils — exceptionally helpful this time of year.

At FaslanNYC, a great article about Bukowski-scapes, urban gardens that integrate into the gritty city landscapes, celebrating the beauty of decay and creating life at the same time.

And lastly, we bring you 100 Amazing Upcycling ideas anyone can do. Thanks to reader Betty Jones for the tip!

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thanks for sharing the cb2 tutorial. I was checking out their catalog but didn’t know about the video.