good and simple: heavy metal nutcracker

My grandparents have a room full of shelves holding their nutcracker collection. I remember visiting when I was little and gazing up at rows and rows of shiny, lacquered nutcrackers painted to look like golfers and the Statue of Liberty and wanting, very badly, to play with all of them. Alas, I was forbidden since the collection was and is extremely delicate. Even then, it didn’t make sense to me how fragile those nutcrackers were. I much prefer this hard hitting nutcracker from UK site Mocha. The Heavy Metal Nutcracker uses the force of gravity and a sleek, modern design to free those delicious walnuts from their tough shells. — Katie D.

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Additionally, it is entirely acceptable to sing ‘master of puppets’ or any other favorite metallica song while doing so

That nutcracker is gorgeous! I would just leave it out on the counter year-round as a decoration, even when it’s not being used.


Pretty, but doesn’t it fling bits of shell all over the place?

Great find, never thought that would happen on a Monday!

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