now that’s a rock ‘n’ roll t-shirt


I’m sending some serious thanks to the rad scientists over in the ThinkGeek laboratories for capitalizing on what I like to call “the transitive property of rock.” I can explain property thusly: If my brother is a guitar god, and I always buy him T-shirts for his birthday, then the best gift to get him would clearly be an electric guitar T-shirt. This was a simple thought process until my eyes were opened by the Electronic Rock Guitar T-shirt, winner of my personal “most versatile toy” award at the Toy Fair, and answer to this year’s birthday gifting prayers. The essence of wearable rock, the shirt comes complete with two magnetic picks and a mini amp speaker that clips to your belt. All major chords are recorded from a real electric guitar, proving that the only thing better than a real guitar is a wearable one — consider my shopping done! See and hear the shirt in action or visit ThinkGeek for more on their whole interactive T-shirt line. — Sarah C.

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the heck with my brother…I want to be a “ROCK GODDESS”…this is great!!!