kinda genius: the sureflap microchip cat flap

Pet doors can be a two-way street: a great option for your pets but a convenient entrance for a neighborhood raccoon interested in a self-guided tour of your digs. But while perusing Unplggd recently, I came across this gem of a gadget: the SureFlap Cat Flap. Using the radio frequencies associated with the microchip already in your cat (or small dog), the door is able to recognize your pet and unlocks only when they’re prepared to use it, keeping unwanted party-crashing to a minimum. As one veterinarian notes on the SureFlap site, mounting it in a wall can also be a foolproof way to separate indoor cats at meal times. So what do you think, readers? Is it time to upgrade? — Sarah C.

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Definately, we had one (til the kitties passed away) and it was great. We have very nosey squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons so it was well worth it. My mother-in-law had new drapes and sheers shredded by an errant chipmunk the day after she put them up.


wow. i really like this. i have 4 inside/outside cats, 3 of which use the current cat door. the 4th cat using the door is mr. kitty, one of the 4 strays i feed. mr. kitty is an adorable tuxedo cat who unfortunately feels the need to spray in every corner of every room of my house. i had to start keeping the cover on the cat door so he can’t get in–which means my cats can’t get out (or they stay out all day, which i’m not crazy about).

i DEFINITELY would like one of these, but (you knew there was a but coming, didn’t you?) i’m not sure the opening will be big enough for big boy, my 23-pounder. (don’t worry, he’s big boned, not fat.) i printed out the dimensions template from the sureFlap site & will check tonight, but i have my doubts.


followup: i LOVE this idea, but if i go by the template from the website, there’s no way my big boy is going to fit through this. i sort of doubt bill murray (my cat, not the comedian) would squeeze through, either.

so … until they start making them in a bigger size, i’m going to have to keep using the hard cover door & shopping around.


Love this idea. I currently have one that is operated by magnets attached to my cats collars. Problem there is they keep ‘losing’ their keys. The other problem is that if the cat is determined enough they can simply barge right in which is obviously not a great thing given just how many cats there are in my neighbourhood (along with the associated territorial issues). Also losing their own embedded chip seems fairly foolproof.