would you sleep with a guy whose kitchen looked like this?

(Even if it was Gerard Butler?)


We were so excited to see Gerard Butler’s Manhattan bachelor pad in Architectural Digest — that is, until we saw it. What a mess of browns! The wood, marble, and brick on the floor, the cabinets, the backsplash — how many shades of one color can a person squeeze into one room? Okay, I guess we can give a few points for recycling the floor into cabinets. And it’s probably not Gerard’s fault that they styled the photo with a carefully placed pair of Cons in front of the fridge and pretentious blue Fedora next to the exploding fruit bowl. To us, it looks like the man who lives there would wear waaaaay too much cologne. And he definitely doesn’t know how to cook. If a guy brought us home to this, we’d look for the exit, fast.

What about you. Would you sleep with a man whose kitchen looked like this?

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If he uses it to cook me breakfast in bed, I don’t care what the kitchen looks like!

Never trust a man with a chandelier in his kitchen. Or a Grecian column ;)

Umm, hello, it’s Gerard Butler.


Proof that money can buy a lot of things, but taste is not one of them.


I can’t really tell what’s going on from this picture, because the area to the left looks kind of overexposed. But whatever. It’s GERARD BUTLER. Plus, I’m married now, but in my dating years, I certainly wouldn’t have discounted a man in Manhattan for having a big kitchen and no decorating or cooking skills. Being a jerk, yes.


If women didn’t sleep with men whose homes were poorly decorated, the human race would be in danger of extinction.

I’m not sure I know who Gerard Butler is — or whether I’d sleep with him — but I don’t think his kitchen is that awful.


I’m waiting for the 1970’s disco outfitted guy to walk in. And no, but that’s based upon the chandelier (those men don’t tend to want women though). ;)

I thought you were going to show a sink full of unwashed dishes and a counter full of rotting food. This, I could deal with.


I didn’t know who Gerard Butler was and just looked him up…I must say, that man is very appealing, why would you care what his kitchen looked like? And I don’t hate the kitchen at all. I love the chandelier. I think if the walls were a different, lighter color (maybe white) and the grecian column were swapped out for something more like the other column in the kitchen, it would be AMAZING. And I might paint the kitchen island a fun, bright color, maybe red or turquoise or yellow. Otherwise, I love it!

Sarah C.

The fruit bowl is putting me over the edge.

Julie, your response made me laugh!

Sarah L.

Kitchens can be redone. Men can’t. I guess I’d have to pass : )

Megan B.

Ha! Love this post and all the responses! My answer would have to be no, not just because of the kitchen, but also because Gerard Butler doesn’t do much for me.


I don’t like it. However, I don’t mind what it says about the man… cares about having a nice home, but doesn’t really have a clue, and needs a good woman with an interest in design to help him out…while he foots the bill! Maybe I’m feeding gender stereotypes, but if he really had hunted for the perfect crystal chandelier himself, I would assume he wasn’t that into girls.


Are you kiddin’? This kitchen makes me just as weak in the knees as his fabulous caboose! It’s man cave, Scottish castle and distressed modern all rolled into one. I guess it’s different strokes for different folks, but I think this is awesome.

what’s with that peg board of fedoras on the left? How many fedoras does one man need!!!???


I would assume that the guy had no interest in decoration and either bought it that way or let a designer make all the choices. I can see a designer taking a chance and realizing, “Well, THAT didn’t work” but not changing it because the client has no taste anyway.

So, yeah, if I were single, I could sleep with a guy with that kitchen, but if we kept dating, I’d be in there painting ASAP.


YES! Yes I would. I’d even sleep with him in his god awful kitchen.


I’d tap that. Just saying.


I’d sleep with him, but I wouldn’t cook in there :). It’s very manly, and I like a guy who pays attention to his home, but I’m not liking the stainless appliances with the distressed wood cabinets. The chandelier is a nice touch.


If I was another man, maybe.


Misskittie1313 i’m right there with you. However, I’d film it, then show him the movie later- pointing out to him how silly the kitchen looks as a background. That could initiate some decor changes, maybe-

Chris Howard

I like his kitchen a hell of a lot better than the hospital white ones that are finally (please lord!) going out of style. So yes, I’d totally put out.

Oh Gerard, such a guy