beautifully haphazard: the art of a wall gallery

We always admire people who can hang a collection of random images in an artful way. Mixed frames, drawings with photos, black and white with color, found objects — getting them to live together in harmony on one wall is not easy. We’ve tried it ourselves once or twice, and always end up with more nail holes than we should have, or a lopsided space here and there. This simple how-to gallery at iVillage Home by Meryl Levin finally shows us the secret behind this look: planning! She suggests making a template by tracing the frames on contact paper, then placing those on the wall to decide where the photos will hang, followed by dots made by Sharpie marker to indicate where the nails should go.

Do you have an eclectic collection of frames on display in your house? Email us at letters at shelterrific dot com and tell us how you do it. We’d be happy to feature your handiwork here!

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What a great tip — planning! Who’d have thought? I’m hoping to do this in my living room after painting, so I’ll definitely check this out!

Mary T

Fanny, I am finally learning how to plan myself! It’s not always in our DNA. : )

I advocate the no planning approach. I’ve used 3M command hooks and strips to hang my artwork so it’s all impermanent. I just move around pieces until they’re pleasing to the (my) eye. I’ve posted about it before on my blog: although those pictures are out of date. I am running out of wall space!

As one of the commenters said, “You can be rad without CAD”.