Archive   |   April 8th, 2010

strangely appealing: the ghost of a chair

There are very few things that give me goosebumps. Scary campfire stories set in New England are a sure thing, as is a good Stephen King book, but I think this is the first piece of furniture to have that effect. From Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers, the designer who made us fall in love with a regal-looking cactus throne, the Ghost of a Chair haunts whatever alcove it graces. Each one is handmade on request using transparent polyester and a mysterious manufacturing process that renders each piece completely unique. They can be made in any color, just in case you need one to perfectly match your spooky attic nook. — Katie D.

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gorgeous vinyl flooring from earthscapes

I know — that it sounds crazy, right? Gorgeous vinyl flooring? Seems unlikely, but I’m afraid it may be true. Actually, not afraid, delighted! Vinyl sheet flooring is just about the most affordable flooring option out there (on a less lovely note, the previous owner of our home thought it’d make great shower tile, too) and these designs from Earthscapes add the element of beauty, something we frugal homeowners can appreciate! And at prices as low as $2.38/sq.ft, we can afford to replace our existing atrocious vinyl floors now, while we save up for a higher-end material later. Professional flooring forums have given the product and its 20-year warranty generally favorable reviews, but read them all anyway if you’re interested in installing these floors yourself. Find the designs shown and many more at Carpet One. — Megan B.

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help! does anyone know where these lamps are from?


I admit it. I am a design stalker. I walk by a row of brownstones on 15th Street every day on my way to work, and have become officially obsessed with trying to find out where these gorgeous hanging lamps are from. They are hanging in a first-floor hallway that you can see from the sidewalk. You have to forgive my poor photo — I snuck up the stairs the other morning and snapped it with my iPhone. It was impossible to get closer or not have the street reflection in the window. Still, you can see their shape: almost cloud-like spheres that look like they’re made of paper or a light cloth. I’ve looked in all the usual places (Velocity, Unica, DWR) and have had no luck finding them. Do you recognize them? Please play design sleuth and help me find these lamps. (My next step is to leave a note on the door. Do you think that would work or is it just creepy?) — Angela M.

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