gorgeous vinyl flooring from earthscapes

I know — that it sounds crazy, right? Gorgeous vinyl flooring? Seems unlikely, but I’m afraid it may be true. Actually, not afraid, delighted! Vinyl sheet flooring is just about the most affordable flooring option out there (on a less lovely note, the previous owner of our home thought it’d make great shower tile, too) and these designs from Earthscapes add the element of beauty, something we frugal homeowners can appreciate! And at prices as low as $2.38/sq.ft, we can afford to replace our existing atrocious vinyl floors now, while we save up for a higher-end material later. Professional flooring forums have given the product and its 20-year warranty generally favorable reviews, but read them all anyway if you’re interested in installing these floors yourself. Find the designs shown and many more at Carpet One. — Megan B.

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Wait? Who snuck into our house and photographed our floors before they were refinished for that last picture?

And to think they were apparently more stylish dirty than fixed up.

Seriously, though, vinyl is my favorite flooring for a kitchen. It’s just so practical when you’re going to be spilling spaghetti sauce, walking around barefoot, and dropping plates. It’s good to have options that don’t clash if you use ‘nicer’ materials in the rest of the house.

The one pic really does just crack me up though – they certainly have captured that 100 years of dirt on a wood floor look.


The slate isn’t bad, but wouldn’t it feel weird to expect wood under your feet and get vinyl? I would love real slate in my kitchen, but we’re going with Marmoleum. It’s a green product, it lasts, it feels warm under your feet, not cold, and it’s easy to clean. And it comes in all sorts of cool colors and patterns.

Megan b.

I’d love to do Marmoleum too, but if I want to get rid of my horrid floors now, sheet vinyl is the *only* way it’s going to happen anytime soon. I’ll save the fancy stuff for the big renovation that’s at least 5 years down the road.

Mary T

I rented an old house years back and there was fake wood vinyl flooring in the living room, which was a little weird but also kind of charming. The whole house was very cute but semi rundown. It was kind of like living in a vacation rental cottage full-time. I think with the right accessories some of these floors would indeed look cool.


We installed the Earthscapes flooring just a couple of years ago and have had a lot of problems with “bubbling” and a lot of indentations show from the chairs, the table and just from people walking on it with shoes. This was a floor that is supposed to be very durable and have a 25 year warranty. Be sure to read the fine print in the warranty. We would never purchase it again.