help! does anyone know where these lamps are from?


I admit it. I am a design stalker. I walk by a row of brownstones on 15th Street every day on my way to work, and have become officially obsessed with trying to find out where these gorgeous hanging lamps are from. They are hanging in a first-floor hallway that you can see from the sidewalk. You have to forgive my poor photo — I snuck up the stairs the other morning and snapped it with my iPhone. It was impossible to get closer or not have the street reflection in the window. Still, you can see their shape: almost cloud-like spheres that look like they’re made of paper or a light cloth. I’ve looked in all the usual places (Velocity, Unica, DWR) and have had no luck finding them. Do you recognize them? Please play design sleuth and help me find these lamps. (My next step is to leave a note on the door. Do you think that would work or is it just creepy?) — Angela M.

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This is from the Italian lighting manufacturer Flos – it’s the Viscontea pendant designed by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Go to the product tab and the select suspension – scrolled down to the bottom and you’ll find this fixture.



flos viscontea by achille castiglioni. Where on 15th street? I wanna stalk too.

“only” $1,457.52 here… $1,384.64 if you’re willing to pick up or pre-pay

Hey guys these aren’t the same but they remind me of these lights:

PLUS much much cheaper!


there are some on