strangely appealing: the ghost of a chair

There are very few things that give me goosebumps. Scary campfire stories set in New England are a sure thing, as is a good Stephen King book, but I think this is the first piece of furniture to have that effect. From Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers, the designer who made us fall in love with a regal-looking cactus throne, the Ghost of a Chair haunts whatever alcove it graces. Each one is handmade on request using transparent polyester and a mysterious manufacturing process that renders each piece completely unique. They can be made in any color, just in case you need one to perfectly match your spooky attic nook. — Katie D.

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T Bone

it looks like its going to collapse in if you sit in it. very interesting.
also, note to self, make fake collapsing chair to prank people with.

I’m totally loving your “strangely appealing” category. high five!

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