update: a plant rescue gone right!

Awhile back, I posted about a plant I rescued from the test kitchen where I was working at the time. The poor little guy was in rough shape when I brought him home, but I was determined to bring him back to life. After re-potting him and giving him a stake to hold up his stalk, I turned to you, savvy readers, to tell me how to care for him. Lucky for me, the plant I rescued needs very little care. According to reader Simone, he’s a Dieffenbachia and requires direct sun and a drink of water about once a week. A few of you also mentioned he’s poisonous to cats (and maybe dogs, too) but I don’t have any pets. I don’t get a ton of sun in my apartment, but I put him right up next to the window so he can soak in what I do get. A nice drink of water once a week and, I’ve got to tell you, my plant is absolutely flourishing! I had to add another stak,e he grew so tall in the time I’ve had him. Now I’m even considering a bigger pot (or are plants like goldfish — if you keep them in a smaller pot they just stop growing?) So I just wanted to say, Thanks for your help! — Erica P.

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Sarah C.

Oh my! It got huge since the last post! That is one big plant.


We had one of those growing up. Not only did it grow so high as to reach the ceiling – twice as we once cut it in half and repotted – but my mother decided she’d had enough and didn’t water it for half a year and the thing still didn’t die.

A one ominous plant that’s saving our needed clean air. Good shot.