strangely appealing: the comb over carpet


I’ll admit that I have a guilty affection for the comb over, a hairstyle “trompe l’oeil” that my father rocked quite well. So part of my little heart was warmed when I spotted this rug, designed with a bald spot, by Meirav Peled Barzilay. The Comb Over Carpet’s long felt strands, or “hairs,” can also act as a blanket or pillow for impromptu catnaps, making this rug oh-so-much-more than just a floor toupee. I’m not saying I’d ever own it — can you imagine what a vacuum would do to this? I do, however, think it’d be perfect in Donald Trump’s office. — Megan B.

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It kind of creeps me out in a sea monster kind of way, even though it is cool looking.

And in my house, I know a bunch of sharp little Lego pieces would get tangled in it, I’d go to take a nap, and get stabbed by my kid’s creation. A rug made for childless folks. But maybe not – you could always tie up a naughty toddler in that combover. Just kidding, just kidding. Please don’t call the cops on me.

LOL at Allison. This was not made for anyone with dogs, either!

I’d love to know if they actually sold any. Can you imagine dog or cat hair or clunky dust bunnies with that thing? yikes :p