five things we learned last week

1) Green floor cleaners are also the way to go. Pencils says: “We got our hardwood floors done not long ago, and the floor guy was adamant that we should only use vinegar and water to clean them — and even that not all that often. I thought I’d try it before discounting his advice. I was surprised to find that the vinegar & water actually works really well when used with a microfiber mop. I haven’t put any fragrance in there yet, but it’s a good idea. Not lavender though, I hate the smell of lavender. Maybe citrus of some kind.” We’re adding that to our list of green cleaning recipes!

2) Not everyone wants at-home chickens. Being sustainable is good, but think about the neighbors before placing your chicken coop. Steve says: “Despite what people may think, hens are noisy, and in the mornings at first light, often create a lot of noise. The people behind us have 2, and after a year of being woken at first light — weekdays and weekends — and then having a continual squawking for 30 min. to an hour, I have had to tell my neighbor I’d had enough. It really isn’t fair — and if someone wants to have them, let me suggest they put the coop near to their house and experience the noise first hand before imposing it upon someone else.” Steve, we hear you. Do you keep chickens?

3) There’s a lot of love for the Nikon D60.
Several of you mentioned this camera in response to Erica’s request for camera-buying advice. Amanda says: “I have the Nikon D60, which has now been replaced by the Nikon D3000. It is the entry level of the Nikons but it really has taken my photography to the next level…. Just bear in mind the costs associated with additional lenses etc.”

4) Here’s another eco-friendly letterpress company.
Elissa Says: “I love Bespoke Letterpress, who are based in Brisbane, Australia. They are eco-friendly and their products are absolutely gorgeous to look at and touch — ‘printed on 100% tree free & chlorine free cotton heavyweight 300gsm paper. These papers are made from reclaimed cotton fibres from the textile industry and are beautifully thick, lush and perfect for letterpress.” See more eco-friendly paper products.

5) You always surprise us with what recipes you seem to like best.
The heck with fancy — bring on the brookies! T Bone says: “Add some coffee ice cream on that and you’ve got yerself a dessert.” MsAmanda says: “I have soooooooooo been looking for a recipe like this but I didn’t know what they were called. Yay!” Chrissy says: “OMG! This is fabulous and completely helps with my constant dessert crisis of which to choose! I love it and can’t wait to make some.” See the recipe they’re raving about right here.

In photo: Yoola wire pendant lamp

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