eclectic frames: here’s how one reader did it.


Yesterday we featured the Etsy shop of reader Judy Kaufman; today we’re featuring the at-home “art gallery” of Anne Mulligan. Following a post on how to hang a group of mismatched art, Anne sent in the photos above, writing:

“I am rather fond of our wall of mismatched frames. My husband and I picked out frames in black, white, and silver, in various sizes, and then arranged them on the floor in a way that pleased us. We matched our photos by size to the frames, then replicated the arrangement on our wall. We added a little owl cross-stitch we found at a local thrift store, and voila! Because it is a nice organic shape, we’ve added to it as time goes on and it’s held together well.”

We agree it looks great! We love how there’s a mix of “arty” (a close-up of a stripey sock) mundane (a formal group photo) and goofy (two guys who look like they’re at a wedding reception) — you can view them all larger on Anne’s Flickr page. All displayed together, it’s a wonderful snapshot of the style and substance of Anne and her husband’s life. Anne, thanks so much for sharing with us!

P.S. Anne makes stuff, too, as anne:made — see a Flickr set of some of her creations here.

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