post off: what’s your favorite bizarre potato chip flavor?

While I’m a sour cream and onion kind of girl, my husband has a finer palette when it comes to potato chips. The farther out there the flavor, the happier he is. When a friend brought him a bag of shrimp-flavored chips from Canada, he happily munched away while I gagged just imagining the taste. What about you, readers? What’s your favorite (or least favorite) bizarre potato chip flavor? In case you need some inspiration, Chicago’s RedEye put together a slideshow of strange flavors from around the world (Cajun squirrel? No thank you!). — Katie D.

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When I was growing up in Canada in the late 70s, we had grape, orange and cherry chips for a while. They were NOT good. I think they lasted about 6 months before they took them off the market.
Other more obscure ones were roast chicken, pizza and ketchup, which were all quite yummy.

T Bone

As a connoisseur of the potato chip world, i do believe I’m the best person to be answering this question. obviously cape cod kettle cooked chips are the best, but certianly not an ‘out there’ flavor. probably the best flavor i’ve had was lay’s bacon chips from canada. sadly though, my friend who bought them also bought me some general gau’s chicken chip but ate them before he got them to me. i curse him daily.
a close second is going to be pickle chips. yes, pickles and potato chips, together at last.


it’s not that out there but salt & pepper chips from trader joe’s. so. good. even my dad, who is a staunch traditionalist when it comes to all things food, loves them.

my vacation spot in canada does lobster potato chips. you couldn’t pay me enough to eat them.

Its almost embarrassing to admit that it is (was) a flavor of Fritos. Fritos are basically the feet chip of the world because if you ever open a bag and think the smell is vaguely familiar – you’re right – it smells like sweat socks.

Anyway… Frito-Lay used to make this version of Fritos that was cheddar jalapeno and they were the greatest things ever! I’m in California and for the last 5 years can’t find them in ANY store. According to the Frito-Lay website, they still make them, but apparently just not in CA. :(

The Clue

If there’s one thing we English do well it’s crisps. And some of the flavors back in the old country do get a little odd: Teriyaki, Bratwurst, Paella, Pickled Onion, Haggis, and Baked Bean just to name a few. But the very best of British?

You guessed it.

Hedgehog. Yumma. They be a mite spiky but make no mistake that the prickly little so and so’s make the most delightful crisps.

And no, I’m not making it up.

I recently found Greek flavoured chips. Feta, olive, and oregano. They were the best chips ever!

Katie D

Morgan- LOL @ feet of the chip world!!!!


I second the dill pickle, and also vote for Herr’s Ketchup flavor. Apparently Lays makes a ‘Balsamic Sweet Onion’ I’d like to try….

I love Walkers Chicken flavored crisps from England…sigh


I rather liked the poutine flavoured potato chips I got in Quebec – flavoured like fries with gravy and cheese.

I spent a summer in Scotland and was quite taken with their chip flavor assortment: prawn, dill pickle and ketchup to name three.
They were all quite disgusting.
Although I am sure people would say the same thing about one of my favorites: jalepeno.

I just got back from India where they had Spanish Tomato Tango. Great stuff–like French fries with built-in ketchup.

Sarah L.

It’s not out there as far as flavor goes, but I love Grippo’s BBQ. They are different from any other BBQ I’ve ever tried. If they made a dill flavor and mixed them together in one bag, that would be perfection!


Utz’s Crab Chips are great! They’re not actually crab flavored, but have crab seasoning, like Old Bay.

Utz’s Salt and Malt Vinegar are great, though not terribly weird. But learn from my mistake and don’t eat too many at one time. All the vinegar left the roof of my mouth a bit raw.


T Bone: I may have aided in the consumption of said General Gaus Chips and they were spectacular! They are my vote for sure


I’m pretty sure I had tandoori-flavoured crisps in England, or something coriander-tinged. Not strange, but tasty…

I rather liked the poutine flavoured potato chips I got in Quebec – flavoured like fries with gravy and cheese.