strangely appealing: steampunk laptop


From the outside, this looks like a delicate Victorian jewelry box with intricate gears and regal claw feet. Open the top and — voila! — a completely functional laptop. Imagined and brought to life by Datamancer. This stop-in-your-tracks gorgeous laptop is a Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 enveloped in steampunk details. (Copper keyboard keys! Leather wrist pads! Carved F-holes for speakers!) While not for sale, you can create your own labor of love thanks to Datamaster’s tutorials . — Katie D.

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T Bone

Does the rediculosuly long handlebar moustahce come wiht it? or do you have to grow your own?

LOVE!!!!! Sending it to my friends who love the Steampunk!


Love, crave, yum.

So funny — steampunk as a look leaves me cold, but this is definitely a super amazing take on it! That’s dedication.


no thank you.


Wow… that’s amazing!

That’s amazing! I only hope you can type on it while on your penny farthing. Perhaps there should be some type of shelf?

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