the ultimate in green lawn care: vintage reel push mowers

Last year, when spring rolled around, we had to get a lawn mower. Our grass was out of control and we were borrowing our friend’s mower way too often. So, when we spotted the super-sweet, vintage orange Scott’s Silent Mower out front of our favorite neighborhood hardware store, we had to get it. The orange hubcaps emblazoned with that “S” had me at hello, I admit it! However, what really sold us was the clerk at the store, who assured us we wouldn’t regret the purchase: “It’s a simple mechanism. Easy to sharpen, cheap to repair.” I liked having something that wasn’t disposable and that would give me some bonus exercise with my yard work. And a year later, I’m still happy. There are a few pointers, though. You must make sure there aren’t too many rocks or twigs in your path, or you may have a few bruises. And make sure your grass isn’t too high, or else you’ll just flatten it, not cut it. You can find your own vintage mower at flea markets, garage sales, and craigslist, or you can buy a new version of the old thing. –Megan B.

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