cool tools: beautiful wood screwdrivers

A few weeks ago, while watching my father fix a dresser drawer with a butter knife at my apartment, I finally put my foot down. Having a dad who is the MacGyver of home repair is a luxury I enjoy immensely, but out of respect for both him and my silverware, I’ve decided it’s high time to stop the madness and invest in some real tools. My seplace for fun, alternative options has me smitten with bright designs by Alice Supply Co. (the darling of this winter’s New York International Gift Fair), but my fave find thus far is the Elemen’tary line of screwdrivers from Brook Farm General Store. Created by a cabinetmaker in England, each set features a simple, hardwood handle with interchangeable bits. At $32, Set No. 2 with its short handle and six bits seems the perfect addition to my big -girl toolbox. For more cool tools (including an awesome antique level) visit Brook Farm General Store. — Sarah C.

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