the math of hanging art


We used to have two paintings hanging in the space you see above. The problem is, opposite that wall is our fireplace. When we added two large prints on either side of it, suddenly our room felt matchy-matchy. The watercolor I have hanging over our loveseat now is too small — and I overcompensated by adding too much matting — but the picture itself (and the fact that there’s just one) still makes me happy. While trying to find a watercolor I like in a better scale, I realized that I needed a better idea of what size to hunt for. An article on The Nest has some great and simple tips on finding the right size art for your wall — you simply measure the wall space and multiply by .57. I did that for our space and — gulp — now I know that what I need is a watercolor that measures about 20” by 14”. Which leads to a whole other math problem. Budgeting. — Sarah L.

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This is amazing advice, thanks!


perfect timing, my husband is trying to figure out if he should put two prints or one in out office. Thanks!