an exorcism for the possessed ikea kulla lamp?


Boy do we love our readers! Last year, Angela lamented about how the wiring in her Kulla lamp went haywire — and MANY of you chimed in to let her know she was not alone. Well, now reader Marc may have solved the problem, if you have basic DIY skills. He comments:

“I was able to dismantle and repair a dead Kulla floor lamp. The actual repair is fairly easy, but getting into the electrical housing takes some work. This was my first time doing any wiring work, so if I can do this, you can too.”

Ready to give it a try? He provided very detailed instructions! See them after the jump, and let us know how it goes for you. And, Marc: thanks!

Marc’s IKEA Kulla Lamp DIY Repair:
The problem in my case was a failed controller for the touch switch. I removed the controller, wired in a basic $2 pull switch*, and everything’s working fine now….

*One thing to look out for: The neutral wire from the cord only runs to the controller, not to the actual harp of the lamp. The “neutral” wire running to the harp doesn’t connect to anything at all. If you replace the touch controller with a simple switch, make sure to run a neutral line to the harp. The faux-neutral wire is handy for that.

Opening the housing:
To open the housing, you need to remove the metal and plastic bells that sit on top of it and then take off its top plate. Those parts are held together by a threaded metal connector that the wires run through. It screws into the plastic bell on top and into a piece inside the housing that is itself screwed into the lamp base.

The reason the lamp is so difficult to open is that some of these parts are also glued together. Can’t unscrew the plastic bell? There are gobs of glue attaching it to the metal connector.

Everything will unscrew from the connector. It just takes a lot of force at times. (There’s no need to drill.)

Two tips:
1) There’s a nut below the plastic bell that’s difficult to get to. A socket wrench with a long socket helps quite a lot.
2.) The round, upper plate to the electrical housing isn’t attached to the lower plate/body of the housing. It just fits in very snugly. To remove it, just pull up. I found it helpful to hook something in through the center hole.

Best of luck! — Marc

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