the future is here: drying closets


Last week, I visited the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show to peruse the latest and greatest home innovations. Walking among the booths, I was treated to more futuristic products than a NASA storage closet. I came face to face with a product that seems straight out of the Jetsons: the BreezeDry. It’s a big closet where your washed delicates are hung to be, you guessed it, breeze-dried. It may sound slightly silly, but it does use 90% less energy than traditional gas or electric dryers, can freshen up clothes in between dry cleaning, and won’t fade fabrics like line drying in the sun can do. — Katie D.

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I lived in Sweden about 20 years ago and those were pretty standard in home laundry rooms. I remember the clothes came out a little crispy, but softened up once you put them on. The trade show sounds like fun! Wish I could’ve gone

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Those Swedes, they’ve always gotta one up us

They’ve had these in old english cottages in the Cotswalds for years. They were just small closets with hanging rod and shelves. the walls and shelves were full of holes to let the air pass through.

What a clever design

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I think maybe than another gadget like this a remade clothes drying rack from a previous generation may be the better way to go.

In expensive and if you are just worried about your clothes fading it is very simple to dry inside or in the shade.