swimming with the dogs

Only the truly dog-devoted will understand: one of the best things about warmer weather is getting to watch your dog swim. This past weekend, we took our dogs on an inaugural summer lake outing, along with brand-spankin-new Wubbas. These simple, floating retrieval toys are the absolute hit at the dog park — so much so, other dogs will ignore their tennis balls and try to retrieve our dogs’ Wubbas instead. My theories on why dogs love them: they have not one but two balls to chew, and they have a big, flying tail that makes them super visible (and probably looks like some kind of bird). I also want to give this Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper a try. Oh, and we do plenty of plain old Tuff Balls retrieval, too — oversized to fit our mastiffs’ giant mouths! — Mary T.

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ahhh, i love those happy water dogs! Our wubba was well loved but bit it last year when someone ate through the neoprene or whatever that is, and I’ve just discovered the floppy disk no longer flies well now that the center is worn through, on to the pet store I guess.
Longer lasting toys have included the boiled deer antlers and those squeaky tennis balls in the large size (bonus so they then don’t easily roll under the furniture either!)

Awww I love your puppies! Thanks for the link to the Wubbas. My Berner will love that.


My 110lb lab puppy loves his wubby! I think it’s just about the only toy he hasn’t destroyed!