steal this idea: diy spice blends as party favors to savor


Having a big family reunion this summer? Or perhaps a rustic outdoor wedding with a huge oak barbecue? Then give what my high school bestie Jaime and her husband Jeremy did: custom spice blends in tiny jars, complete with a custom brand logo, ingredient list and suggested uses. Adorable! We loved our “little jars of magic,” as we dubbed them — they came in handy while we were in town for the wedding, as we were camping out in Redwood National Forest and had a spartan pantry of seasonings. A sprinkle on our camp-grilled salmon was delightful, and, as mentioned on the label, it was indeed great on popcorn! If you’re interested in making your own, a quick Googling brought me these great little jars, a steal at $.37 a piece! And as for spice rubs, I’ve always been a fan of Seattle Chef Tom Douglas’s spicy salmon rub (just use a tad less sugar, maybe), and Epicurious has a spice rub to match any occasion. I hope your guests find these little favors as savory as we did! –Megan B.

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Sarah C.

Such a refreshing, new idea! Definitely usable and a nice way to remember a great day!

we did something similar as a holiday gift to friends and family…they’re always demanding my husband’s secret recipe for his ribs, so we gave everyone a jar of “top secret pig rub”. it was a huge hit (of course, the fleur de sel caramels we included probably didn’t hurt either…).

I am making a big batch of Adobo tonight. i thought about doing this for Christmas presents last year. I think I might have to do it this year! Never even thought about doing it for party favors though, FANTASTIC idea!


We are throwing my mother a 70th birthday party and I thought of the idea of making a favor with italian spice in a jar…I love this. Your post helped me find the jars that I was looking for and I hope to include a tag that says…Josephine, The Original Italian Spice…lol!