bring some greenery to your office with leaf ties


Rather than trying to hide the countless cables on my desk, perhaps I should just gussy them up. The leaf tie from Lufdesign acts as a simple cable tie with the added bonus of pretty little leaves. Apparently I’m not the only one who loved the design: Tsunho Wang of Lufdesign says that, after a barrage of emails asking for the product, they went into turbo mode to produce leaf ties to sell to buyers directly. Get yours while you can for $7. (Click on “Store” at Lufdesign for details.) — Erica P.

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OMG, these are great. What an idea!


So awesome!

Mary T.

Isn’t it funny how the simplest designs can be the most amazing? I love these as well!

So cute. I was going to hide my computer cables the next time I cleaned the office, but now this looks like the way to go!


Now Leaf Ties won the DFA Silver Award and are available in europe with cheaper shipping-costs: