this year’s yard project: a garden path

Continuing my tradition of the takes-three-years-to-complete yard projects, I’ve finally started taking steps (har) to place the bricks that I salvaged from the old Rainier Brewery building a couple years ago. Frankly, I just finally got sick of seeing them stacked against our shed, so a couple weeks ago I laid out the bricks to start to figure out a configuration and also to just make sure that we have enough. As you can see, we have plenty! Now, the bricks aren’t all completely uniform, so it will be slightly more tricky to place these than it would standard yard pavers, but I found a couple how-to’s online at This Old House and Home Tips to help. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m actually planning this one ahead of time with measuring, estimating, then buying the correct amount of materials, instead of just buying a bunch of random sand and gravel and hoping that it works out. Welcome, summer! Wish me luck. — Mary T.

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Sarah L.

good start! i love that all the bricks have different colors to the,.

Mary T.

Thanks — I ended up amending the shape to a slightly more graceful curve. Next is cutting out the grass…as you might imagine, this one is taking some ramping up to get into.

The bricks are different colors because they came off a building, so many have bits of paint and concrete attached. Which I love!

Awesome garden path! The different colors and the wear and tear on the bricks will give you garden path a very vintage look. Kudos!