great garden colors: here’s how to make them work

Unless you want a crazy-quilt cottage garden featuring every color in the rainbow (and hey — those are good, too!), most people want to choose two flower colors that will pop….but which two? If you’re ready to step outside the norm, here are some eye-catchers to try.

Red & White: To avoid this combination seeming “been there, done that,” add some silvery-green in the foliage to liven things up. This duo is great for Christmastime as well as mid-summer flag-flying gardens!


Red & Purple: There is something a bit Monet-ish about this combination that makes it classic and yet slightly unexpected.


Silver & Purple: This combination is classy but never dull. I think silver foliage with nearly any color instantly creates an elegant but modern feel. Try silver and orange or yellow for an even more updated color scheme!

Orange & Lime Green: These two colors will give your garden a citrus-y tropical feel guaranteed to jolt you awake. If you’re really feeling daring, throw some purple in!


Chocolate & Green: There is all kinds of foliage in chocolate colors, and when it’s offset by any shade of green, it feels sophisticated and new.

Don’t play it safe this year! Even your garden needs updating once in awhile. — Jenny P.

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I’ll get some of my containers up on facebook tomorrow. We scatter the geranium ones around the yard – in the front , on the berms.