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There’s lots of doable backyard project inspiration in This Old House’s 14 dramatic outdoor transformations.

Now anyone has room for a barbecue! Introducing the hide-a-cue, a wall mounted charcoal grill that folds up flat when not in use. Brilliance, via Unclutterer.

Rhubarb is the closest thing some of us have to locally grown fruit for at least another couple of weeks. Vegetable virtuoso Deborah Madison has two delicious ways to prepare this potentially toxic stalk.

We’ve oohed and ahhed over Seattle’s glassybaby votives before — now they’ve taken Manhattan!

We’ve grown our own fruits and veggies before, but we’ve never thought to cultivate our own mushrooms. Over at Veggie Gardening Tips, they’ve got a tutorial on growing your own Blewitt mushrooms. How cool would that be?

Lifehacker gives us the secret to keeping a clean house: frequent entertaining. If it weren’t for the occasional dinner party or houseguest, our house may never get cleaned!

CasaSugar gives us more helpful wedding gift advice: monogram etiquette for married couples.

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I’m very on board with frequent guests being a great motivator to do a deep cleaning. I’m pretty good and keeping the place tidy and fairly clean, but a really deep “mom’s coming” cleaning can’t be beat.