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Last summer, I enthused about this mailbox design by DIY designer Hector Perez. Well, Hector got in touch with me to let me know that his mailbox business is now official — you can order your own NB-1 modern mailbox from Neutra Box, his online store. Hector says:

“I’m a professional composer, believe it or not. I own a recording studio in SF decked out in original vintage mid-century furnishings. And on the side, I make mailboxes! I make them by hand using left over sheet metal and acrylic scraps from large projects. I only use American made material and try to make it as green as possible. I started making them for architect friends and then it turned into this. Each box comes with a certificate of authenticity, since a couple of my geeky collector friends insisted on it, LOL.”

Hector, we’re delighted that you’ve turned your great design into a side business and we’re happy to pass the word along! Thanks for writing! — Mary T.

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Megan B.

These make me sad that I already bought a big locking mailbox. I wonder if he could do one with a lock? Love them!

Neutra Box

Let me know if you want a locking version, I’ll try to make one for you.

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As an expert on this (I happen to have one of these mailboxes) I’d caution that they’re not as functional as a traditional mailbox. Yes they’re gorgeous but the flag is hard to raise/lower, getting your mail one handed (if you happen to be carrying something in the other) is impossible and the mailmen will gripe to pieces about it.

And oh yes, rain gets inside sometimes, soaking your mail. So pretty, yes, functional? Not so much.

Sorry to hear that Michelle. The flag should be smooth in it’s operation, it just rotates 90 degrees up and down. Email me a picture of the box and a short description of the problem and I’ll try to help you fix it. It’s the first I’ve heard of it. [email protected]

As for opening the box, since the door tilts upward versus downward, we have to fight against gravity a bit. Though on most of these mailboxes, opening the door ALL the way upward causes it to stay in place. You then have to manually shut it after you remove your mail.

And sorry your mail has gotten wet, the tilting on the front door helps to reduce this quite a bit, but it’s not 100%. My mail hasn’t gotten soaked during the rainy season, but perhaps our storms aren’t as strong.

Gerrit Rietveld who helped inspire the color scheme of the first Neutra Box designed one of the most beautiful chairs I’ve seen: the Red and Blue Chair. I’ve sat in one. And although the value of the early version is Priceless, it was one of the most uncomfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in, LOL. Sometimes as modernists we put up with these little idiosyncrasies in exchange for good design.

I don’t mean to make light of your frustrations. I take great care in making each one by hand. There may be a step I overlooked and if that’s the case, I’ll try to help make it better.


Hector H. Perez


hmmm ….this looks vaguely similar to the urban letterbox which has been manufactured in New Zealand for the past 10+ years by http://www.boxdesign.co.nz. Plagiarism anyone? Check them out and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean. They also provide web sales to any country and have a distributor in the U.S: http://www.boxdesignusa.com

Quick note for anyone considering these mailboxes:

A delivery truck backed into ours and it shifted the concrete that the mailbox was poured into without any damage to the mailbox itself. It is SOLID. Great for neighborhoods that might contain vengeful kids with baseball bats… :)